ACH Debit and Credit (Single and Recurring)

Process authorized ACH debit and credit transactions from the checking account of consumers or businesses.

SINGLE BILLING: process a one-time debit

AUTOMATIC RECURRING BILLING: process debits on a regular basis (ex: monthly). Debits can be setup to occur automatically on scheduled dates.

SINGLE CREDIT PAYMENTS: process one time credits to consumer or business accounts.

RECURRING CREDIT PAYMENTS: process credits to consumers or business accounts on a scheduled recurring basis.

Merchant can initiate transaction through a web-based virtual terminal, certified 3rd party payment gateway, web services API, or batch file upload.

How it Works
  • Written authorization from client is obtained
  • Transaction information uploaded to Paya through a variety of options (virtual terminal, payment gateway, API or batch file)
  • Funds electronically debited from client
  • Funds electronically deposited into merchant's account in 2-7 days
  • Check Verification
  • Check Guarantee
  • Web based user interface or API available
  • Error reduction systems
  • Customer information management systems
  • User defined custom fields
  • Data export for 3rd party accounting or archiving
  • Supports multiple locations and users
  • Multiple certified 3rd party gateways supported
  • Improved cash flows with expedited payments
  • Eliminate banking fees and paper check handling costs
  • Reduce bad checks
  • Automatic notification and resubmission of NSF items
Markets Served
  • Membership Organizations
  • Bill Payments
  • B2B
  • Medical
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Educational
  • Property Management
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit

ACH Debit and Credit Program Description